Design system for video

Recognise the brand
Understand the story
Be easy to use
Recognise the brand
Guardian rebrand, 2018
Very few assets to start with.

Adapting design patterns from overall identity so it feels familiar.

Guardian style guide ↣
Mostly viewed off-platform
Vast majority of views are not on

Having the brand front and center helps with trust and awareness.
Signify type of content
News, Sport and Features – these videos get vast majority of views.

All the assets come in these styles.
Match tone of content
Features are further differentiated as they have a distinct tone and production process.
Understand the story
Creating a visual language
Core grammar of breaking news and sport ...
Graphics for contextual info ...
Movement provides a sense of progression
Using whatever assets are available
Aware that footage could be of any kind – different dimensions and often user generated.
There may even be no footage at all.
Where possible each graphic does only one job.

Graphics are made on the same grid and are designed to be mixed and matched.

Premier demo ↣
The graphics designed to help you focus your attention on the content - rather than distract you!

Tonally neutral, as is appropriate for the news.

Consistency in the movement and an underlying rational in the visual language make it feel coherent.

It's readable on mobile!
Be easy to use
Integrate with workflow
Pointless if people can't use easily!

Important to be very quick in news.

Kept workflows in Premier as consistent as possible.
Light weight files
Built using expressions in After Effects.

As much as possible separated out the logic to make it readable in the future.

Used native assets.

'Border' in After Effects ↣
Enable more complex graphics
Where something is not possible in Premier then I have created scripts in After Effects.

After Effects ↣
Easy to understand
Single source of truth.

Globally accessible BUT private.

Used gifs, minimum words, one page.

Documentation ↣
Work with multiple departments
Creative Director
Heads of Multimedia
Multimedia Technician
In–house YouTube Specialist
Multiple video dimensions
Where possible use one set of assets - very fast for video producers to repurpose a video.

Premier ↣

Other projects...

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For London's Design Museum
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Idea to release in under two weeks
After Effects ↣