Five reasons
I'm a 99% Match
Genres: Motion, code, graphics, animation
I am very good at motion design
Currently head of motion at The Guardian. My designs have been viewed more than a billion times, were exhibited at London's Design Museum and have helped win a Webby and two D&ADs.
I have a Masters in Animation from the Royal College of Art and a First Class bachelor's degree in Graphic Design.
As a freelance animation director I created work for Unicef, Manchester United, Imperial College London and many others.
I frequently work with interactivity and code
Creating animations for award winning Guardian interactive articles (eg. 1, 2 and 3).

I created an interactive camera that was well reviewed (1, 2 and 3), gained half a million views and healthy view times.
Scripting is part of my After Effects workflow.
Every day I collaborate with creatives and makers
Developers, graphic designers, film makers, UX experts, visual journalists, written journalists, art directors, illustrators, motion designers and animators.
Taking ideas from loose concepts to shiny outcomes is my bread and butter
Directing filmic animations on essentially zero budget.
One self-produced video at the Guardian has our second highest ever audience retention rate. (I would love to make more but my availability to create them is limited).
Again I did this regularly as a freelance animation director.
Effective communication is the goal, but I'll borrow any skill I can to get there
Using UI principles in video; complex compositing in stop motion; publishing my own resources to learn photography; working with VR; screen printing and selling my own prints; using projectors, laser cutting and Arduino in animation.
Thank for your time!