Simon Roberts


2014 / Flight Brigade

Technical Assistance
Jonny Barker
Additional Editing
Oliver Baines
Additional Model Making
Miriam Baines, Oliver Baines, Thomas Pink, Dorry Hughes

Music, lyrics and stop motion animation weave together to tell an epic story.

Everything is shot in camera using stop motion and then composited (put together) on the computer

Team Unicef

2014 / UNICEF

Sound & Music
Thomas Pink

I worked with UNICEF to help them communicate a new initive they are developing.

The idea is to bring together their work with sport, which they use for both development and fundraising, with the aim of increasing it's impact.

ManU for Unicef

2013 / UNICEF

Sound Design
Joseph Tate

A film for UNICEF to highlight their longstanding partnership with Manchester United.

Reel 2013

Various Projects

A selection of various projects and tests produced until 2013.